Effective BIM control

Sitedesk: the first BIM Software environment designed from the ground up to make it easy for building owners, contractors, advisors and operators to connect, control, communicate and collaborate on project data throughout the lifecycle, for BIM or traditional construction.

A unified environment for construction data

Sitedesk BIM softrware is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use collaborative working environment for those involved in construction and engineering projects. It assures compliance with BIM and traditional construction processes alike.  Sitedesk BIM software acts as a unified data environment within which to manage operational, project and asset data through the lifecycle of a project. It provides contractors with a BIM data management solution and field BIM tool. It also produces a rich asset information database that can be used by building owners, future operators and FM service providers. As a SaaS solution that can run equally fast on mobile platforms as on desktops, Sitedesk’s BIM software is equally at home in the office or out on site.

& Engineer
& advisor
Owner, Operator
& FM

“We were initially worried about how to make best use of the data with all of the different tools that were being used on the programme. It quickly became apparent that we needed to identify a simple-to-use tool that enables us to use and capture information throughout the construction and operational processes that ideally can be used in the field. We managed to find a tool called Sitedesk …”
Carl Green, Head of Engineering Services, Wyre Council

Centralised BIM and project data management

Sitedesk is a hosted construction software solution to help you connect and control both traditional construction and BIM project data and documentation. It can help you organise and manage your 2D drawings, 3D models, office documents, and gain central viewing capability. Create custom forms to enable progress validation and manage workflows from right there within the tool. Your information is all available within a single environment, and accessed from any device — even in the field. BIM collaboration, BIM data management and field BIM software in one, with the added bonus of generating a rich asset management or O&M database for facilities management. What could possibly be better?

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